ANE-COB (Logo)

LOGO_ANECOBThis is the logo for the Atlantic Northeast District Church of the Brethren.Here is an excerpt from a document I sent to the ANE-COB office concerning the design of this logo:

The logo is the recognizable Church of the Brethren logo flanked by stalks of wheat. I tried many and various images and shapes of wheat but settled on the logo I present to you in this mockup.

The wheat in this logo is almost embracing the COB logo. In my mind that could be an embrace of the values that are characteristic among the Brethren. The wheat seems to be growing from the COB logo and, in particular, from the foot of the cross. This is appropriate imagery, for, by the grace of God, there will certainly be a harvest from the efforts of Brethren throughout the world as well as in your office and in this district.

Also the wheat in the logo seems to almost make a circle, a picture of the unity Christ desires for all of His followers. The circle also reminds me of the world into which we are called to go as witnesses and servants of our Lord

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