Slider Enhancement (Before and After)

Slider Enhancement

This particular example is not so dramatic as the other “before and after” examples I have provided for you. I include this example precisely because of its subtlety. The original image is purchased stock photography that seems to be a photograph of a sky with a flat piece of clip art placed over it. While the image is not bad, it did not harmonize with the color scheme of my client’s site, and the silhouette in the foreground looked too flat (and therefore fake) to fit in with the other slides accompanying it.

My client was very particular in their desires for the website and had specifically instructed me about the exact shade of “Dutch Teal” they wanted to use. Therefore, it was imperative that all the slides coordinate well.

To correct the problems with this slide, I tinted the slide, painted some light onto the silhouette to give it a more realistic look through greater dimensionality and added a soft vignette.


This new slide fits into the website much better than the original slide as evidenced below.
(You may click the images for a larger version if you like)

This is not bad, but it's not quite right either.

This is not bad, but it’s not quite right either.

This ties in much more effectively with the color theme of the site.

This ties in much more effectively with the color theme of the site.