The Exit 7 Group (website)

The Exit 7 Group

This is a business website I designed for Craig and Victoria Smith (no biological relationship that we are aware of) who do life coaching as a sideline. They were very clear and specific about what they wanted for the site, and more than any of my other projects, this one was very much a collaborative effort.

Working with them on this site led to a friendship being formed, and they were pleased with the site and with my service. They were so happy with my work that Craig used his position as the director of the Atlantic Northeast District Churches of the Brethren to get me considered for the redesign of the District’s sprawling website. I was awarded that contract as well (click here to see details on the ANE-COB site).

This site is primarily maintained by Craig and Victoria, but I still handle the technical end, and I am available whenever they might need me for help.

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