What’s Happenin’ PA?! (website)

What’s Happenin’ PA?!


I designed this site for a new business starting in the Mount Joy area. The website and a related print magazine were intended to be a free and family-friendly resource listing events, activities, sales, and discounts at local restaurants, theaters, parks, and attractions throughout Pennsylvania.

The owner wanted a “sparkly but classy purple background” for the site and a header that would include a collage of images from all around our state. He also said that the site should make it clear that it was for daytime and nighttime. He showed me a proposed logo for the site and suggested I draw some ideas from the logo. To accomodate his wishes I drew up a new logo and incorporated it into a header that faded various images into view in a sequence from Pittsburgh to Philadelphia. The background he asked for presented some difficulty, but was eventually solved by using a photograph I took for just this purpose.

The biggest challenge with this site was to find a way to present large amounts of data without having a site so visually busy that it was unappealing or unusable. I managed to come up with a clever design that would rotate through the data displaying it in visually manageable chunks (my version of “you eat the elephant one bite at a time”). My design was enthusiastically received not only by the business owner but by his financial backers as well.

Sadly, for reasons unknown to me, the business never launched.

I chose to include the site here because it is very different from the other sites I have created.

Click here to go to a mockup of www.WhatshappeninPA.com