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  • Easter (Custom Content)
    Easter (Custom Content)
    There is a gravity and a gladness to the Gospel. Easter has it's beginnings in passion, in suffering, but culminates in unimaginable triumph. I designed this image to convey the gravity of Easter and created a font style which reflects the enduring strength and precious quality of Christ’s Victory.
  • Atlantic Northeast District Church of the Brethren (Letterhead & Business Card)
    Atlantic Northeast District Church of the Brethren (Letterhead & Business Card)
    Atlantic Northeast District Church of the Brethren After creating the logo and website for the Atlantic Northeast District Church of the Brethren, I also created a letterhead and business card for the district. I tied all the elements together to create a consistent brand identity. You may click on the image above to view a ...
  • Photo Retouching (Before and After)
    Photo Retouching (Before and After)
    This piece demonstrates the dramatic improvement I can achieve for you by skillful use of photo touch-up techniques. Click on the picture to see before and after shots of this client and her dog and to read details of how I accomplished this transformation.
  • Website Facelift (Before and After)
    Website Facelift (Before and After)
    Before Lancaster Church of the Brethren had me redesign their entire site, they asked me if I could spruce up their homepage for the Christmas Holiday while leaving the existing website to function normally. I offered them what I call a "facelift" that would change the backdrop and banner for the website without changing the underlying functionality at all.
  • The Apostle Paul (Custom Content)
    The Apostle Paul (Custom Content)
    This website banner was created to showcase the "Apostle Paul's" visit as a guest speaker to Hempfield Church of the Brethren. I painted the banner digitally to portray Pastor Kent Rice as he appeared when he addressed his congregation as Paul.
  • Prayer Experience (Custom Content)
    Prayer Experience (Custom Content)
    The first Thursday evening of every month at Hempfield Church of the Brethren is Prayer Experience, a special time to gather and seek God. This promotional website banner was created while the church was searching for a new Senior Pastor.
  • Strongman Chris Rider (Custom Content)
    Strongman Chris Rider (Custom Content)
    Chris bends wrenches and crowbars. By the grace of God, I bend pixels and light. Together, we helped Hempfield Church of the Brethren raise money for their Benevolence Fund. Click the picture to read more!
  • Family Christmas Celebration (Custom Content)
    Family Christmas Celebration (Custom Content)
    This is a simple piece that does exactly what it's supposed to do, which is why it remains one of my favorites.
  • Pentecost (Custom Content)
    Pentecost (Custom Content)
    This website banner encourages hearts to seek after a big God.
  • VBS (Custom Content)
    VBS (Custom Content)
    I created this website banner from a photo taken at the previous year's Vacation Bible School (VBS). Clicking on the banner took viewers to a page displaying information about VBS and an online form that allowed parents to pre-register their children. The VBS Coordinator was especially grateful for this valuable improvement to the registration process.
  • Southbound Slider (Before and After)
    Southbound Slider (Before and After)
    This is a slider/banner for a devotional written by Pastor Kent. I was unable to find a stock image that fit what was in my mind, so I created my own piece by painting out the cars that weren't needed in the image and adding additional elements to the picture to make it look realistic. Click to see the dramatic before and after images.
  • HCOB Brochure (Print)
    HCOB Brochure (Print)
    This was my first job for HCOB and they gave me great creative freedom with the project. I was responsible for the layout, graphic design, content and writing the text (copy). Their delight with the work I did on the brochure led them to hire me as their ongoing website designer, and I continue to appreciate my professional and personal relationship with this church.
  • Custom Image Creation (Before and After)
    Custom Image Creation (Before and After)
    There are times when I cannot find the perfect ready-made image for a particular illustration. When this situation arises, I build the image from the ground up. Click the picture to see just how I craft the perfect image for my clients.
  • Slider Enhancement (Before and After)
    Slider Enhancement (Before and After)
    Although this particular example is not so dramatic as the other "before and after" examples I have provided, I include this example precisely because of its subtlety. Click the image to see how I enhanced this photo to make it harmonize better with the particular color my client wanted for his website.
  • Witness & Outreach Slider (Before and After)
    Witness & Outreach Slider (Before and After)
    Witness and Outreach is one of the ministries of the Atlantic Northeast District Church of the Brethren. They wanted their slider/banner to tie in with the overall theme of the district's webpage while still providing a unique signature look for their particular ministry.
  • Easter Promo (Video)
    Easter Promo (Video)
    This video was created to promote Easter Sunday Services at Hempfield COB. I created the concept for the video, and produced it from scratch by creating original artwork and content. Click the image to view this video.
  • Smoke  (Custom Content)
    Smoke (Custom Content)
    This is a website banner I created to promote the Smoke video.
  • Wedding Ministry Brochure (Print)
    Wedding Ministry Brochure (Print)
    This project is currently in development. The design, layout, and much of the photography is my own. The Mt. Nebo team provided me with some photos of the church, but I took it upon myself to visit the church and take photos that would result in a higher quality brochure.
  • ANE-COB (Logo)
    ANE-COB (Logo)
    This is the logo for the Atlantic Northeast District Church of the Brethren. Click the image to read about the meaning of the imagery in this design.
  • UP (Logo)
    UP (Logo)
    UP = Unlimited Potential = The youth of Hempfield Church of the Brethren
  • Church Stationery (Logo)
    Church Stationery (Logo)
    This is the logo for the Lancaster Church of the Brethren on a business card and sample letterhead.
  • Outbreak (Logo)
    Outbreak (Logo)
    The creation of this logo was a collaborative effort between Pastor Kent Rice and myself for the 1st annual Outbreak Festival in East Petersburg, Pennsylvania. It was created in modeling clay; then I photographed the three dimensional clay logo from a variety of angles under a variety of lighting setups. I selected a photo and brought it into photoshop for treatment. Click the image to see the final result.
  • Reist Auctioneers (Logo)
    Reist Auctioneers (Logo)
    The Reist Auctioneers logo was reworked to allow it to better harmonize with their new website. Al Reist told me that my version of their logo is closer to what he had in mind when he initially envisioned the logo for his company.
  • ANOMALY (Logo)
    ANOMALY (Logo)
    Another logo for a church youth group that didn't want to use any traditional imagery. The guiding thought they gave me for Anomaly was that they were not "Flander's kids!" I designed this creative logo from just that small amount of direction.
  • WHPA (Logo)
    WHPA (Logo)
    This project involved website and logo design for a start-up business. My client wanted purple to be a central color in the design(s). He wanted a "round-the-clock" feeling, and he wanted it to "sparkle, shine, or pop." He also wanted it to be more fun than formal, but still classy enough to be taken seriously.
  • 54321 (Before and After)
    54321 (Before and After)
    This was for a devotional entitled “54321” about the 5 second rule.   This was meant to create intrigue.  I used a photo of food on the ground because of the 5 second rule, but wanted to work the title of the devotional message into the image.   I accomplished this by writing the title ...
  • Easter Sunday Service
    Easter Sunday Service
    Hempfield Church of the Brethren changed their Easter plans and added an 8am service to their Easter Sunday lineup.    They needed a graphic for their website so I repurposed an older graphic and gave it a new look with the close-up on the tomb and the added glow.
  • Atlantic Northeast District Church of the Brethren (website)
    Atlantic Northeast District Church of the Brethren (website)
    This is the website for the Atlantic Northeast District Church of the Brethren (ANE-COB). It was a challenge and a joy to design this site. This is a redesign of the district's former website, which was actually a number of websites that had been cobbled together over the years. I learned as much as I could about the ministries of the ANE-COB and used that knowledge to create a new intuitive system to navigate the many pages of data.
  • Smoke (Video)
    Smoke (Video)
    Pastor Kent Rice surprised the congregation of Hempfield Church of the Brethren by delivering a message in character as Smoke, a convicted felon trying to make points toward his parole. I was asked to enhance the raw footage and put it on the web. Click the image to view the video and read about how I overcame the challenges inherent in this project.
  • Outbreak Teaser (Video)
    Outbreak Teaser (Video)
    The East Petersburg Faith Outreach hosted its first annual Outbreak Festival on Saturday,September 7, 2013 in the East Petersburg Community Park. Pastor Kent Rice asked me to create a teaser for it. We had little to no time for planning, but we managed to put together a fun and interest-grabbing video that is sort of a Monty Python meets Braveheart. The final video exceeded Pastor Kent's expectations. Click the image to watch the video and join the fun!
  • Hempfield Church of the Brethren  (website)
    Hempfield Church of the Brethren (website)
    This is the website for Hempfield Church of the Brethren. While I did not initially design this site, I did implement the design, and it has served well for many years. I have maintained and developed the site since its initial launch on Mother's Day 2009.
  • Real Hope Fellowship (Video)
    Real Hope Fellowship (Video)
    Real Hope Fellowship is the church that I am privileged to pastor in Lancaster, PA. I created this video logo to illustrate the Hope of Real Hope Fellowship. This Hope is the Gospel of Jesus Christ which comes by the Grace of God to a slave and shatters the chains that bind him.
  • Reist Auctioneers (website)
    Reist Auctioneers (website)
    Al Reist of Reist Auctioneers contacted me to design a website for them that would be a classy yet humble showcase for items from their current and past auctions. I actually attended one of their auctions in order to shoot video and photos that would help me convey the excellence of their work on the website. I always strive to "go the extra mile" to make my clients' unique strengths and characteristics shine.
  • The Exit 7 Group (website)
    The Exit 7 Group (website)
    This is a business website I designed for Craig and Victoria Smith to promote their life coaching business. They were very clear and specific about what they wanted for the site, and more than any of my other projects, this one was very much a collaborative effort. Working with them on this site led to a friendship being formed, and they were pleased with the site and with my service.
  • News From Nigeria (website)
    News From Nigeria (website)
    This site was created to facilitate communication with Nate and Jenn Hosler, missionaries to Nigeria serving in the EYN Peace Programme. The site operated for 2 years until the Hoslers returned to the United States in 2012. It remains available as a record of their ministry for Christ in a conflicted nation.
  • Time Travel via the Parallax Effect (Video)
    Time Travel via the Parallax Effect (Video)
    Click on this image to see how I used this iconic image from the cover of LIFE Magazine to create a video that helped my client advance his multi-million dollar project. Good video is powerful! Let me help you advance your projects. Contact me today!
  • Cigarette Smoking Man (Video)
    Cigarette Smoking Man (Video)
    A client asked me to provide special effects of cigarette smoke where there was none in the post-production phase of this movie. Click the image to see how I fulfilled his request.
  • Give a Child a Chance (website)
    Give a Child a Chance (website)
    There are currently thousands of children in the Pennsylvania foster care system. Many of these children are legally free to adopt. All of these children need hope. This site is being used to Give a Child a Chance.
  • Monday Greeting (website)
    Monday Greeting (website)
    Pastor Pete Kontra wanted a blog site to display his Monday Greetings to his congregation. To meet this need, I created this site and continue to maintain it. I regularly create graphics for the site.
  • What’s Happenin’ PA?! (website)
    What’s Happenin’ PA?! (website)
    A business website intended to be a family-friendly resource listing events, activities, sales, and discounts at local restaurants, theaters, parks, and attractions throughout Pennsylvania.
  • Lancaster Church of the Brethren (website)
    Lancaster Church of the Brethren (website)
    This site was a redesign and reorganization of an existing large site for Lancaster Church of the Brethren.
  • Biblical Hospitality (Custom Content)
    Biblical Hospitality (Custom Content)
    Content doesn't have to be elaborate to be effective. This piece is simple, uncluttered, and communicates quickly and effectively through a strong central image, coordinated colors and creative placement of text.
  • UP (website)
    UP (website)
    Hempfield Church of the Brethren wanted a site for the youth of their church that intentionally did NOT look like a church website. This is the site for UP (Unlimited Potential), the youth ministry of Hempfield COB.